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*Erik Lekas*

Finding Music at an older age of 18, Erik has explored the bass and guitar from friends, relatives and other mentors.  With Influences ranging from Bob Dylan to Black Sabbath, he shares a passion for music that doesn't Suck!  He started playing music with his brother Mark at the age of 18, struggling together for years, the two found a musical chemistry that can be shown on large stages through the privacy of a small living room.  While Erik has played with 100s of musicians, he finds the ones he started his musical career with to be his most inspirational.  (Nate Haugh, Robin Pingle, Ray Vasquez, Shea Stone and Chuck Scott)

Erik has migrated to the Bass where his strongest influences are in no apparent order; Bobby Sheehan, Victor Wooten, Dave Schools, and John Paul Jones.  In his off time Erik enjoys the company of good friends and family and telling his typical BS stories.  Bull-Shit Or Not?


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JT Szczuka